July 29, 1916

  (Information provided courtesy of JJ Johnson)

            The Yellow Cross Route has been laid out from Three Lakes to Ripon and the route had been marked by a yellow band painted upon the telephone poles from Antigo as far as Poy Sippi through Waupaca early this week and the work will be completed in a few days.

            It is the purpose of the promoters of these various routes to have them laid on the principal cross country highways over the entire country and Wisconsin people are fully awake to their opportunity to advertise the state by drawing county travel.

            It will also be a great convenience to the motorist to have a route blazed for him when he starts out for a long run, especially as many cross roads are not provided with guide boards as provided by law.

            It is expected that Ripon will not long be the terminus of the Yellow Cross Route though we can not at this writing give the routing south of that city.

            Following are the names of places along the Yellow Cross Route of most interest to our readers:

            Three Lakes, Crandon, Antigo, Birnamwood, Elderon, Iola, Scandinavia, Waupaca, Lind Center, Clark's Mills, Poy Sippi, Auroraville, Berlin, Ripon.