September 7, 1916


  (Information provided courtesy of JJ Johnson)

Official Message to be Carried Across Continent on Yellowstone Trail in Five Days


            It has been definitely settled that the run against time across the continent from Plymouth, Mass., to Seattle, Wash., will be begun on Monday, Sept. 11. This trip will follow the Yellowstone Trail and will demonstrate the practicability of such method of communication, for the entire journey of practically 3,500 miles will be made in five days, or faster than the fastest mail service.

            The Wisconsin or seventh relay is under the direction of Erle Whipple of this city, and he has the entire route well divided, placing eight capable sub-relay managers in control.

            Walter Nelson of this city is manager of the third sub-division and has arranged to have P. J. Christofferson make the run from Fremont to Stevens Point.  This run will start about 8:15 the morning of the 13th, and the car should go through Waupaca shortly before nine o'clock that morning, Wednesday.

            Below are found the names of drivers, the sub-managers, length of the sub-divisions and other points of interest.


        Sub-Relay Sector                Sub-Relay mgr/            Vehicle                     Driver/                           Miles       Leave                                                                    Residence                                                     Residence


Milwaukee to Fond du Lac        B. J. Ruddle                 Hupmobile               E. F. Sanger                    67       4:30 a.m. 



Fond du Lac to Fremont           Paul Redman               Mercer                    Stanley Foute                   52        6:35

                                                       Oshkosh                          70 h.p.                    Oshkosh


Fremont to Stevens Point         Walter Nelson               Cadillac 8                 P. J. Christofferson      48        8:15

                                                       Waupaca                          90 h.p.                      Waupaca


Stevens Point to Marshfield      L.J. Seeger                   Buick                        A. J. Clements                 56        9:55

                                          Stevens Point               55 h.p.           tevens Point


Marshfield to Stanley               E. S. Bailey                    Packard Twin Six        C. E. Blodgett                  58      11:30           

                                                     Stevens Point                90 h.p.                         Marshfield


Stanley to Eau Claire              J. B. Halverson               Cadillac 8                  J. B. Galbrath                      40       1:00

                                                   Stanley                               90 h.p.                       Stanley


Eau Claire to Baldwin             G. R. Wood                     Reo 6                         Allen Redmon                     52       2:20

                                                    Eau Claire                       45 h.p.                       Eau Claire


Baldwin to Minneapolis          E. A. Sutherland       Hudson Super-Six     E. A. Sutherland                     51      4:00  arrive 5:40